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Omaha’s premier source for professional landscape design, build, maintenance, lawn care and snow removal with over 25 years in business! 

We specialize in commercial and residential projects and year-round maintenance. Our knowledgeable staff and talented creative team will transform your space for optimum enjoyment and keep it that way for years to come.


Call us Today (402) 734-8088.


Since 1992, CLC Landscapes, Inc. has been providing quality lawn and landscape services to the residential and commercial markets of the Greater Omaha Area. 


We've structured our residential services to cater to the more personal needs of today’s homeowner and the ever-changing options today’s homeowners have in landscaping and outdoor living. Created for the client, our residential services were built upon trusting, friendly relationships, structured around the best quality work, and operated by educated horticulture professionals. 


Our commercial services are structured to provide timely, professional maintenance and installation to help business owners and property managers enhance their workplace environment.  We offer landscape installation as well as a full spectrum of maintenance services.

Our Mission

To listen. Not wait our turn to speak. We orbit around the satisfaction and fulfullment of the needs of our clients. We take the time to develop services, programs and solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs of the individual situation so that issues are put to rest, and desires are fulfilled. Because we are horticulture professionals, we design, create, and maintain landscapes for their future, not for their short term survival and the money in our pockets. With honesty comes success, and as our parent company has proven to us for over 20 years, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” This means we don’t give you the run around when a plant doesn’t survive the installation; We don’t charge you more than the project is really worth; We won’t ignore your phone calls when you need warranty or replacement work done. Germinated in the flat lands of the great America, we provide a product that is true to our region and it’s culture, yet rooted in the core principles and respectable morals that make the Midwest proud.

​Designing  101


We want to bring your vision to life!  We will work with you from the beginning phases all the way until the last brick or rock is laid.  We will leave your residence or property looking immaculate for years to come!


Installing an irrigation system may seem like a costly endeavor, including the labor involved, but sprinkler or drip configurations have several advantages.

  • Prevents Disease and Weeds. ...

  • Conserves Water and Time. ...

  • Preserves Soil Structure and Nutrients. ...

  • Gardening Flexibility.

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